TaskHQ: Employer

If you are under 40 years, check out the student TaskHQ site: http://appart-software.com/2019/01/taskhq

Completing odd jobs can become much harder when you age. TaskHQ provides in-expensive help for odd jobs, without ever needing to contact a professional contractor.

TaskHQ Main Screen.

Write reviews about your Taskers

Write a review on your Taskers account page to recommend or warn other employers.

You decide how much you want to pay

Never deal with paying more than what you want. When you post a job to TaskHQ you get to decide how much you want to pay you Tasker before they pick up the task.

Choose how you want to pay

Payments can be made on the app or in person (cash). You may even choose to give out volunteer hours instead of money.

TaskHQ provides various forms of payment

Decide who works for you

With TaskHQ you have all the power. You get to decide whether the Tasker who has picked up your shift gets the job. Read their bio and reviews to help make your decision.

Secure and private

Give as much or as little information as you feel necessary for each task.

Choose what information you would like to be publicly available

TaskHQ is currently in Alpha Testing. If you would like to become a tester, send a message in our form! 

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