Tycoon is an augmented reality, simulator game all about becoming rich from virtual versions of real businesses! You play the game by visiting locations anywhere in the world were actual businesses are located and tagging a virtual business to the location. The game then allows you to see all the virtual businesses added by other users, buy/sell, and rate these virtual businesses!

Tycoon is a completely different type of gaming experience

Tycoon is unlike any other game on the market. Using augmented reality technology, playing Tycoon is like having a virtual version of the business world on your phone. You gain virtual revenue every time someone visits a virtual business you own. As you play Tycoon, you can view your world ranking which improves by accumulating tokens through your business locations.

Go Build Your Empire!

Tycoon is structured on fundamental business practice and allows you to arrange financing and partnerships to enhance your business empire  and strive to become the world’s richest business tycoon!


Tycoon has a large community of players and hundreds of businesses.

Tycoon players can currently add ten different types of businesses and travel by virtual bike, car, and airplane to anywhere in the world to visit and add new businesses. This means that no matter where you are you will always be able to play the Tycoon game. Each business type, and travel option, requires a certain amount of net worth. As a player’s net worth grows they are able to acquire more profitable businesses, travel farther to acquire and visit businesses, and thus increasing their wealth.


Choose from 10 different types of businesses!

 The various business types give the game variety and allow you, the user, to have more fun. More business types will be added soon!

Visit, and acquire businesses anywhere in the world.

Each business has it’s very own page, sort-of like a website. Here players can visit the business, and by thereby earn a few tokens, or use their tokens to acquire it.

Each business uses Google Places Api to provide location information and clean, beautiful photos!

Collect your profit, and build you & your companies portfolio.

All players and companies have their very own portfolios. As players progress through the game their portfolio grows with new achievements and ranking.

Players can create a company with friends!

Players can create companies with their friends to earn tokens together!

Each business a player owns, generates revenue when someone visits it. Collect your income frequently to become richer, faster! Strive to become the worlds richest Tycoon.

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