Math Gadget

Math-Gadget does all the math you need, for everyday use in one app. Even with Math-Gadget’s many features it still retains an easy-to-use interface.



Features :

1. Calculator

– Different calculator levels (basic, intermediate, advanced)
– Radians, degrees and even gradians are supported
– Hyperbolic and inverse functions
– Scientific functions
– Calculation history
– Memory functions
– Cursor makes it easy to copy/paste, edit, and share equations
– Nine different color themes
– Decimal levels makes it easy to handle solutions with many decimals

2. Unit Converter:

– 107 different units are supported
– Velocity, distance, temperature, area, volume, mass/weight, time, energy, force, and power unit categories
– Unit abbreviations at the end of all solutions

3. B.M.I Calculator

– Helpful color codes
– Informs you with “Underweight”,”Healthy weight”,”Overweight”, and “Obese”

4. Fuel Economy

– Supports imperial and metric units
– Can calculate fuel economy, fuel consumed, and distance

5. Mortgage/Loan

– Finds the amount you pay each month
– Supports down payments and interest rate

6. Date and Time

– Show difference between dates
– Any date from 1900 to 2100
– Can show the total difference in weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds

7. Fractions

– Add, subtract, multiply, divide fractions
– Simplify mixed or standard fractions
– Turn a decimal number into a fraction
– Turn a fraction into a decimal

Other app features:

– Vibrate on-touch
– Copy/paste, and share all answers
– Help menu
– Focus mode (sets device in task pinning mode to eliminate distractions)
– Beautiful Blue color theme


 Math-Gadget is currently up for download on Google Play!

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