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Augmented Reality

Tycoon uses augmented reality technology to display maps containing pins marking the location of real life businesses, thus creating a unique mobile gaming experience.

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Earn Tokens

Tycoon allows you to discover, buy/sell, and add virtual versions of real businesses located anywhere in the world! You can gain virtual revenue every time someone visits a business you own. Accumulate tokens from your many business locations!

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Become a tycoon

Tycoon is structured on fundamental business practice and allows you to arrange financing and partnerships to enhance your empire of business locations and strive to become the world’s richest business tycoon!

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Tycoon is like having a virtual version of the business world on your phone. Buy and sell businesses anywhere!

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Eric Klassen

Founder and Programmer
Eric Klassen is the founder of AppArt Software. Eric is a student entrepreneur looking to change the mobile software industry by introducing new types of apps using augmented reality technology.

Akram Hannoufa

Akram has plays a vital role in programming the front end of the TaskHQ application.

Gleb Zvonkov

Team Lead and Programmer
Gleb is the team lead and head UI programmer for the TaskHQ application.

Christian Dresser

Christian is a front end and back end programmer for the TaskHQ application.

Xintai Shi

Data Analyst and Programmer
Xintai is the key data analyst and tester of the TaskHQ team. He is vital to ensuring that the TaskHQ code works seamlessly.

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